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Hugh Freeze instantly flees the pocket when asked about Ole Miss' NCAA troubles


The Ole Miss football program is currently in a world of NCAA hurt. The Rebels will play this season under a self-imposed bowl ban, and they’re facing 21 NCAA allegations. Most of those are of the Level I variety, the most serious kind the NCAA has. Here are all of them, ranked by zest.

At what appears to be a Wednesday golf tournament, a reporter asked Freeze something about if Ole Miss was “anxious or eager” to “get over this NCAA sanctions stuff.” Freeze’s response was eloquent in its brevity:

That’s “nah” — one word — and a confident strut away from the camera. Talk about good pocket awareness and evading pressure.

It’s not yet clear how the NCAA will sanction Ole Miss, but the program has already admitted to several of the allegations the NCAA has levied against it. Those allegations cover a wide range of seriousness, from standardized test fraud carried out by former coaches to somewhat silly recruiting things.

A recruit previously said Freeze compared Ole Miss’ NCAA plight to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Years ago, he said allegations against Ole Miss were “slander.”

Telling a reporter “nah” is about as low-risk an approach as one could conjure up.