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PODCAST AIN’T PLAYED NOBODY: Miami’s Manny Diaz on havoc and stopping the run-pass option

Miami’s defensive coordinator talks tactics, analysts, FCS games as preseason affairs, and Newcastle heading back to the Premier League.

North Carolina v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Godfrey’s out for one more week, so Miami defensive coordinator Manny Diaz stepped in to guest host in his stead.

The topics:

  • The College Football Offense™ in 2017.
  • The benefits of putting in time as a Group of Five assistant.
  • Talent deployment as both “what” and “how.”
  • Talent identification in the age of Hudl.
  • The ACC’s growing profile and the Glen Mason Territory on the horizon.
  • FCS games in the preseason/spring.
  • Influential defensive coaches.
  • The benefits of havoc (and aggressiveness without risk).
  • The Suh effect.
  • Analysts, skinny ties, and bunsen burners.
  • You don’t lose giving up field goals.
  • Stopping the run-pass option (with refs’ help).
  • Corn Elder, rugby tackling, and pregnant women smoking in hospitals.
  • PAPN pet topics: conference pods, the future of the Group of Five, and relegation.
  • Newcastle vs. Sheffield Wednesday.