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Georgia now has a freaking DJ booth in its locker room

This is so dope.

Enhancing locker rooms has become one of the many recruiting tools that college football head coaches are capitalizing on these days. Texas just replaced the normal nameplates with television screens in its locker room, Alabama has a waterfall, and Texas A&M’s is tricked out with its own barber shop. Upgrading locker rooms to separate yourself from other schools has become a growing trend.

The Georgia football locker room recently made an addition that just might be the first of its kind, or at least one of the first that we know about. On Friday, Bulldogs head coach Kirby Smart posted a photo on Twitter of the new DJ booth that’s in Georgia’s locker room:

Yep, that’s Georgia running back Sony Michel behind the booth. Having the booth with the Georgia logo is pretty sweet, too. Having a DJ around college football programs isn’t something that’s relatively new. Louisville put one in its weight room for a workout back in 2014, and in 2013. Texas A&M and Oregon State brought one out for the team during spring practices.

I’m not sure about you all, but if I were a high school recruit, seeing a DJ in Georgia’s locker room would be a pretty sweet appeal. I’m sure we’ll see other Georgia players taking a spin behind the booth in the near future.