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'Unique Brissett II' used social media accounts to catfish the college football recruiting world

The mystery takes us across social media platforms and fake highlight tapes.

Just when you think recruiting can’t get any weirder, it does. A prospect by the name of Unique Brissett II apparently took many people for a ride, including The Palm Beach Post, a Kentucky 247Sports site, and a Michigan State site in posts that are each now deleted.

The jig was found out by, among other people, 247Sports Miami beat writer Andrew Ivins. This all started with a now-deleted Twitter account tweeting out a top-five school list. In two separate message board posts, Ivins laid out the details of what’s been going down.

Globe Institute of Technology (N.Y.) wide receiver/running back Unique Brissett II tweeted out late Sunday that Miami was in his top group of schools along with a number of other programs. From what I have been told Brissett doesn't hold an offer from the Hurricanes and has had absolutely zero contact with the coaches to date meaning he's making stuff up. Kentucky's coaches also haven't had any contact with him.

-The kid (or person) has claimed offers at one point from Notre Dame, Michigan, Penn State and Michigan State. Those schools have never heard him according to the people that cover the schools.

– Unique apparently tried to commit to Navy two or three weeks ago.

– The highlights he's using apparently are videos just being ripped off of other top high school recruits.

The school Brissett claimed to go to is a JuCo that closed down, but it did once have a football program. The main YouTube page attached to Brissett has three different highlight videos, and each has a different Twitter account in the videos’ descriptions.

A Facebook search for Brissett yielded a result.

It lists Brissett — if it’s his real name — as a German-American living in the Bronx attending Westchester Community College in Westchester, N.Y. It appears to belong to a real person, although we’re unsure if their real name is Unique Brissett II.

A Google search for Brissett and WCC shows a dormant Hudl profile with only one picture. The active Facebook profile gloated about taking the college football world for a spin.

SB Nation reached out to it for comment, but the request was not returned. The New York Post, however, was able to get in touch with Brissett through Twitter.

“Well me & my brother was watching college football & hudl’s & stuff,” Brissett told The Post in a message exchange over Twitter, referencing the recruiting website, “like that we was talking about it & then we both agreed we would do it (get fake offers ) then we was talking about what was our favorite college teams & then we started lying about the offers.”

He added that he probably would’ve given it up if his story hadn’t gotten so much attention.

“It was easy. I don’t think it was hard at all,” said Brissett, who said he would’ve simply stopped after a while if no one was giving him the attention — either for being a real hotshot prospect or for being a fake hotshot prospect.

“I was laughing. I was too hype,” Brissett said about the moment his story fell apart.

It appears that Unique has been running a similar gag with the nickname of Quan. There’s another YouTube account with two videos attached to a Unique “Quan” Brissett. Both the videos on that account are highlight tapes of what appears to be different athletes. One of the tapes features a player who doesn’t wear the same number or play the same position Quan claims to.

The other seems to be of a player at a different school.

Whoever is running the Facebook account appears to have at least played football at some point.

This photo from the Brissett Facebook page from 2015 shows a young man in football gear. The young man is wearing a uniform for the Cardinal Spellman Pilots, a Catholic high school in the Bronx.

Posted by Unique Brissett II on Monday, February 2, 2015

The photo has been used as one of the profile pictures on one of the YouTube accounts associated with Brissett, and is also the main image to a dormant College Level Athletes profile for Unique Brissett. That Brissett profile is for a kid who purportedly attended Bronx Academy of Letters high school in New York City and graduated in 2015. The school does not have a football team.