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2017 college football bowl tie-ins by conference: All 40 games in one place

Every possible bowl tie-in for every conference in major college football.

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Clemson vs Alabama Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

College football’s sprawling bowl system has settled at 40 games at the conclusion of the 2017 season. That’s 37 standard bowl games, two College Football Playoff semifinal bowls, and the Playoff National Championship, which is also technically a bowl game.

The Football Bowl Association, which acts as the bowl schedule’s governing body, released a full list of conference tie-ins for the 2017 season. The bowl game slate is mostly unchanged from the 2016 season. The Miami Beach Bowl is moving to Frisco, Texas, after three years in South Florida. That game’s called the Frisco Bowl, even though it could’ve been taken in so many creative directions. Also, the Poinsettia Bowl is now defunct after a 12-year lifespan. It had been played in San Diego.

Here’s the full schedule and league tie-ins, as announced by the FBA:

2017 bowl game tie-ins and schedule

Date Bowl Conference tie-ins
Date Bowl Conference tie-ins
Dec.16 New Orleans Sun Belt/Conference USA
Dec.16 Cure American/Sun Belt
Dec.16 Las Vegas Mountain West/Pac-12
Dec.16 New Mexico Conference USA/Mountain West
Dec.16 Camellia MAC/Sun Belt
Dec. 19 Boca Raton American/Conference USA
Dec. 20 Frisco American/At-large
Dec. 21 St. Petersburg American/Conference USA
Dec. 22 Bahamas Conference USA/MAC
Dec. 22 Potato MAC/Mountain West
Dec. 23 Birmingham SEC/American
Dec. 23 Armed Forces Army/Big Ten
Dec. 23 Dollar General MAC/Sun Belt
Dec. 24 Hawaii American/Mountain West
Dec. 26 Quick Lane Big Ten/ACC or Notre Dame
Dec. 26 Heart of Dallas Big 12/Conference USA
Dec. 26 Cactus Big 12/Pac-12
Dec. 27 Independence SEC/ACC or Notre Dame
Dec. 27 Pinstripe Big Ten/ACC or Notre Dame
Dec. 27 Texas Big 12/SEC
Dec. 28 Military ACC or Notre Dame/American
Dec. 28 Camping World Big 12/ACC or Notre Dame
Dec. 28 Alamo Big 12/Pac-12
Dec. 29 Belk SEC/ACC or Notre Dame
Dec. 29 Sun Pac-12/ACC or Notre Dame
Dec. 29 Music City SEC/Big Ten/ACC/Notre Dame
Dec. 29 Cotton At-large/At-large
Dec. 30 Arizona Mountain West/Sun Belt
Dec. 30 TaxSlayer SEC/ACC/Big Ten/Notre Dame
Dec. 30 Liberty Big 12/SEC
Dec. 30 Fiesta At-large/At-large
Dec. 30 Orange ACC/Big Ten/SEC/Notre Dame
Jan. 1 Outback Big Ten/SEC
Jan. 1 Peach At-large/At-large
Jan. 1 Citrus SEC/ACC/Big Ten/Notre Dame
Jan. 1 Rose Playoff semifinal
Jan. 1 Sugar Playoff semifinal
Jan. 8 Playoff National Championship Semifinal winners
TBA Foster Farms Big Ten/Pac-12
TBA Holiday Big Ten/Pac-12
As announced by the Football Bowl Association.

This year’s Playoff semifinals are the same as the event’s first year, the 2014 season: the Rose and Sugar Bowls. Those are normally tie-ins for the Big Ten, Pac-12, SEC, and Big 12, but those leagues have different arrangements this season. The national title game is in Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the new home of the Falcons (and also the site of Week 1’s dynamite match between Alabama and Florida State.)

Conferences all have their own rules for doling out bids to their various contracted bowls. Those can get wonky sometimes, but they generally work toward two goals: Not sending teams to repeat appearances in the same bowl game and maximizing television ratings. Here’s are the lists of tie-ins for each FBS conference:


  • Citrus (shared with ACC, Big Ten, Notre Dame)
  • Outback (vs. Big Ten)
  • Orange (shared with ACC, Big Ten, Notre Dame)
  • Liberty (vs. Big 12)
  • TaxSlayer (shared with ACC, Big Ten, Notre Dame)
  • Music City (shared with ACC, Big Ten, Notre Dame)
  • Belk (vs. ACC or Notre Dame)
  • Texas (vs. Big 12)
  • Independence (vs. ACC or Notre Dame)
  • Birmingham (vs. American)


  • Citrus (shared with SEC, Big Ten, Notre Dame)
  • Orange (shared with SEC, Big Ten, Notre Dame)
  • TaxSlayer (shared with SEC, Big Ten, Notre Dame)
  • Music City (shared with SEC, Big Ten, Notre Dame)
  • Sun (shared with Notre Dame, vs. Pac 12)
  • Belk (shared with Notre Dame, vs. SEC)
  • Camping World (shared with Notre Dame, vs. Big 12)
  • Military (shared with Notre Dame, vs. American)
  • Pinstripe (shared with Notre Dame, vs. Big Ten)
  • Independence (shared with Notre Dame, vs. SEC)
  • Quick Lane (shared with Notre Dame, vs. Big Ten)

Big Ten

  • Citrus (shared with ACC, SEC, Notre Dame)
  • Outback (vs. SEC)
  • Orange (shared with ACC, SEC, Notre Dame)
  • TaxSlayer (shared with ACC, SEC, Notre Dame)
  • Music City (shared with ACC, SEC, Notre Dame)
  • Pinstripe (vs. ACC or Notre Dame)
  • Quick Lane (vs. ACC or Notre Dame)
  • Armed Forces (vs. Army, if Black Knights are eligible)
  • Foster Farms (vs. Pac-12)
  • Holiday (vs. Pac-12)


  • Sun (vs. ACC or Notre Dame)
  • Alamo (vs. Big 12)
  • Cactus (vs. Big 12)
  • Foster Farms (vs. Big Ten)
  • Holiday (vs. Big Ten)
  • Las Vegas (vs. Mountain West)

Big 12

  • Liberty (vs. SEC)
  • Alamo (vs. Pac-12)
  • Camping World (vs. ACC or Notre Dame)
  • Texas (vs. SEC)
  • Cactus (vs. Pac-12)
  • Heart of Dallas (vs. Conference USA)


  • Military (vs. ACC or Notre Dame)
  • Hawaii (vs. Mountain West)
  • Birmingham (vs. SEC)
  • St. Petersburg (vs. Conference USA)
  • Frisco (vs. at-large team)
  • Boca Raton (vs. Conference USA)
  • Cure (vs. Sun Belt)

Mountain West

  • Arizona (vs. Sun Belt)
  • Hawaii (vs. American)
  • Potato (vs. MAC)
  • New Mexico (vs. Conference USA)
  • Las Vegas (vs. Pac-12)


  • Dollar General (vs. Sun Belt)
  • Potato (vs. Mountain West)
  • Bahamas (vs. Conference USA)
  • Camellia (vs. Sun Belt)

Conference USA

  • Heart of Dallas (vs. Big 12)
  • Bahamas (vs. MAC)
  • St. Petersburg (vs. American)
  • Boca Raton (vs. American)
  • New Mexico (vs. Mountain West)
  • New Orleans (vs. Sun Belt)

Sun Belt

  • Arizona (vs. Mountain West)
  • Dollar General (vs. MAC)
  • Camellia (vs. MAC)
  • Cure (vs. American)
  • New Orleans (vs. Conference USA)