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PODCAST AIN’T PLAYED NOBODY: Conference realignment in an era of cord cutting

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Welcome back, Godfrey! Wake up, Godfrey!

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Godfrey’s back for a week! And he’s at least partially awake!

Today’s PAPN topics:

  • OU's the unhappy canary in the coal mine
  • Realignment in an era of cord cutting
  • Rutgers' blessed life
  • Memphis as AAC king
  • (Non-existent) mid-major Playoff paths
  • The case for 12-0 BYU in the CFP
  • An impassioned defense of talking about the damn G5
  • Hulu!
  • Cetys and Monterrey Tech to the Pac-12!
  • The blatant, obvious hypocrisy of complaining about potential draftees not wanting to play in bowls
  • Temple's fans are Bill's favorite fans
  • ETSU's FBS hopes
  • K-State is playing at Vanderbilt? And your official Nashville travel guide
  • Picking up your wife's Percocet