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Donald Trump’s latest ringing QB endorsement: Deshaun Watson

He’s had a hit-and-miss history of picking QBs.

Clemson went to the White House on Monday, as America’s major team sports champions have been doing since the 1980s. During a speech congratulating the Tigers on their achievement, Donald Trump complimented quarterback Deshaun Watson.

“Deshaun Watson, gonna be a great NFL player,” adding, “he’s gonna be fantastic” after calling the QB up to the mic.

It’s not the first QB take Trump has had.

We all know he’s rather fond of Tom Brady, who, according to Trump, called to say that the real estate businessman had secured the QB’s vote in the 2016 election.

He interestingly called former Iowa QB CJ Beathard the second coming of Brady while Beathard was still playing for the Hawkeyes.

“We’ve got the next Tom Brady right over here, the quarterback, he’s going to be the next Tom Brady,” Trump said, referring to then-senior-to-be Beathard.

“The next Tom Brady, come on. And I know Tom, and he’s a great guy, I want to tell you.”

Trump also loves him some Johnny Manziel.

And Robert Griffin III.

And AJ McCarron.

The theme seems to be that Trump likes NFL prospects who won a lot of games or trophies in college, though he’s had a few rough picks in a row.

As far as Watson is concerned, Trump actually might be onto something. Houston’s supporting cast is about as talented as you could ask for for a rookie QB. We’ll see if Watson can live up to Trump’s lofty praise.