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78 of the greatest college football GIFs ever

Sad fans! Weird dancing! Mascots rasslin’! Steve Spurrier’s visor emotions!

We’re talking GIFs because the GIF just turned 30 years old. So we asked our Twitter followers to share their all-time favorite college football GIF.

So many poured in. Here are a few!


It’s time for UNHAPPY FANS!

This one was after Clemson fell to all of 0-1 on the season:

My dude isn’t exactly unhappy, but sleepy fan counts here!

I, too, have always loved Mock-Impressed-But-Actually-Deeply-Horrified-About-The-Score Bama Fan:

From the same game:

Thank you, UNHAPPY FANS.

That Time Jameis Winston Fell Down is its whole own subgenre.

Your 2016 Piesman Trophy winner in action:

This is Les Miles vs. his tiny daughter:

Some absolutely glorious tackling:

Oh, you know what time it is:

That’s what time it was:

There’s a story behind this one, and it’s pretty good:

Lol, this was Nick Saban learning his team had made the first-ever Playoff. Bama doesn’t sit around to watch these things anymore.


Arizona Stop! Girl is apparently one of the most popular CFB GIFs ever, even going far beyond CFB people and onto the regular internet. I don’t know.

Marshawn Lynch break

Thank you, Marshawn

The score popping up is what really makes this:

Our Clemson blog uses this one as a reaction GIF constantly, to perfection:

I didn’t include many of the just-plain-great-sports-play GIFs people sent in, but this nonsense was a GAME-WINNER:

Former Ole Miss linebacker Breeland Speaks waved at the camera during the Egg Bowl...

...and months later he revealed he was actually trolling Mississippi State’s then-coach Dan Mullen with the wave.

Hey, that’s Katy Perry:

I think this guy is my favorite sports fan of all time, other than Hopeless Texas Tech Guns Up Guy:

Tfw you beat Florida State:


Let’s now descend into Washington State madness:

Whew, that’s enough Washington State madness.


We all miss Teddy Bridgewater.

Never forget Lane Kiffin’s one-handed sideline catch, complete with a stunned reaction from No. 4:

Dance break:

Speaking of the Bloomin’ Onion mascot, we can’t forget about the time our very own Ryan Nanni achieved his dream of being the onion during the Outback Bowl:

Dance break is over

Derek Dooley, Tennessee’s best WR:

I had never seen this and just shouted in laughter at the end:

Baylor’s kicker was OK after this hit:


You’ve seen the image of Frank Beamer celebrating 0-0, but the GIF is even better:


This one might be my pick:

Or these Georgia coaches:

Or these SMU bros:

And of course, the most popular of all:

What’s your favorite? Keep the GIF party rolling in the comments.