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LSU's Derrius Guice can squat 650 pounds, and this is not a drill

This is just ridiculous, man.

College athletes are in very good shape, there’s no debating that. Well perhaps one of the strongest college running backs in Division I is junior Derrius Guice of LSU. Guice, who rushed for 1,387 yards for the Tigers last season, was seen squatting a whopping 650 pounds in LSU’s weight room on Friday.

And it looks even more impressive from the front camera angle.

This is absolutely incredible, and it should make Tiger fans excited to see Guice on the field as the starter this fall. At the same time, it might make LSU’s future opponents a bit uneasy. Guice is no stranger to casually lifting a ton of weight such as his most recent 650 pounds. Just a few short months ago in March, he was seen squatting 583.

Well, I’m not sure about you, but this is going to make me feel pretty inadequate at the gym now.

Guice played in a good number of LSU’s games last season, filling in for a banged up Leonard Fournette, who’s now with the Jacksonville Jaguars. If Guice keeps doing stuff like this, he should have no trouble toting the rock for the Tigers full-time next season.