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Ed Orgeron channeled Les Miles and tweaked every school that claims to be ‘DBU’

The head man from Louisiana is back in Hoover.

NCAA Football: SEC Media Days Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

HOOVER, Ala. — LSU head coach Ed Orgeron is back for SEC Media Days, making his first appearance at the event for the first time since he was head coach at Ole Miss. Orgeron, a Louisiana native, opened by telling an anecdote about how he became a Tiger fan during his childhood.

Orgeron’s opening statement lasted a little over 15 minutes, and it mostly was a rundown of LSU’s depth chart. This was a standard practice of former Tigers head coach Les Miles, so we really didn’t miss a beat here.

He added that quarterback Danny Etling, who led the Tigers last season after Week 2, would be LSU’s starter if they played tomorrow. He had some high praise for running back Derrius Guice, whom he says will be the offense’s focal point.

Orgeron was also asked about Florida scheduling LSU as its homecoming game, which was announced last week. The decision is just the latest example of seemingly bad blood between the programs, which started with the rescheduling of last year’s game.

Speaking of Florida, Orgeron also dropped “DBU” references a couple of times during his remarks. That’s the term schools use to brag about how good their defensive backs are, and it’s often been used over the years by Florida, Texas, Ohio State, Florida State, and others.

Orgeron was also asked about how he has changed as a head coach since his previous days at both USC and Ole Miss. He said that he was treating every player the same way as he would his sons, and letting his position coaches coach the positions how they want to coach it. Also:

"I don't do what I used to do,” Orgeron said. “I don't take my shirt off and all that!”

Orgeron also addressed satellite camps. Last month, a camp in Louisiana that would feature both LSU and Texas was reportedly cancelled due to “political pressure from LSU.”

“I believe that we have six weeks in the spring to go out and evaluate anybody we want,” Orgeron said on Monday. “And we do a comprehensive job at LSU of identifying all prospects, and I’m the one that makes the schedule and I send our coaches out on the road, and we go anywhere in the country that we want. And if there is a player that we want to recruit, we're going to see them. and I’m sure most schools do that.”

“There’s opportunity for every young man [inaudible],” Orgeron continued. “Everybody that's filmed with the people that do their due diligence, they can go see anybody that they want.”

Orgeron then addressed satellite camps specifically.

“I'm not a big fan of them. I wish that we had our own camps on our own campuses and that would be it, but that's not the rule there. But I will say this as the head coach at LSU, I will always do my best to protect the state of Louisiana.”

Nice to have you back in the SEC, Coach O.