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Will 2018 Bama be the media’s 7th correct SEC champ pick in 27 years?

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These things are harder to predict than it might seem.

NCAA Football: SEC Football Media Day Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Official media predictions for the 2018 SEC season are in, and Alabama’s once again the favorite, according to those assembled at SEC Media Days.

This is the seventh time in nine years that Nick Saban’s team has been the choice. A Les Miles REVENGE TEAM got the nod in 2012, and many of us never understood what everyone was smoking, Re: 2015 Auburn, but that happened as well.

Official SEC media picks

Year Pick Result SEC champ
Year Pick Result SEC champ
2018 Alabama ? ?
2017 Alabama National champ lol Georgia
2016 Alabama SEC champ Alabama
2015 Auburn 7th (West) Alabama
2014 Alabama SEC champ Alabama
2013 Alabama t-1st (West) Auburn
2012 LSU t-2nd (West) Alabama
2011 Alabama National champ lol LSU
2010 Alabama 4th (West) Auburn
2009 Florida Runner-up Alabama
2008 Florida SEC champ Florida
2007 LSU SEC champ LSU
2006 Auburn t-2nd (West) Florida
2005 Tennessee 5th (East) Georgia
2004 Georgia 2nd (East) Auburn
2003 Auburn 3rd (West) LSU
2002 Tennessee 3rd (East) Georgia
2001 Florida 2nd (East) LSU
2000 Alabama t-5th (West) Florida
1999 Tennessee 2nd (East) Alabama
1998 Florida 2nd (East) Tennessee
1997 Florida t-2nd (East) Tennessee
1996 Tennessee 2nd (East) Florida
1995 Florida SEC champ Florida
1994 Florida SEC champ Florida
1993 Alabama Runner-up Florida
1992 Florida Runner-up Alabama

That’s six correct picks in 26 years. Conference champs are hard to predict, and most other leagues look about the same. But you’d think such a lopsided league would be a little easier to pick. It was always Alabama, Florida, or Tennessee, and then things went wild, and now it’s almost always Alabama.

Just pick Bama. It’s easy. All you have to do is avoid getting bored and thinking you’ve outsmarted everyone. And even if you’re wrong about the SEC, you still picked the national champ to win its conference anyway.

Every few months, Saban likes to knock media folks down a peg, and this pick’s record is easy ammo:

The full division orders for 2018:


  1. Georgia
  2. South Carolina
  3. Florida
  4. Missouri
  5. Kentucky
  6. Tennessee
  7. Vanderbilt


  1. Alabama
  2. Auburn
  3. Mississippi State
  4. Texas A&M
  5. LSU
  6. Ole Miss
  7. Arkansas