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These throwback posters for Bama-FSU and GT-Tennessee are cool and good

These are memorable because they’re different.

Take a look at the official game art released by the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game(s) for Week 1’s Alabama-Florida State and Georgia Tech-Tennessee neutral-siters at Atlanta’s new Starkiller Base of a stadium:

Both posters include campus landmarks, statues of coaching legends, and mascots (Buzz and Smokey are ready to scrap, but Big Al wants no part of the flaming spear), all centered around a demented cathedral with an expensive car’s logo all over it and all in a comics-like version of a vintage style. This is surely the most time anyone’s ever going to put into capturing Butch Jones’ face:

You don’t see this kind of classic game art these days. Everything tends to look like a Nike ad, which is fine. But it’s hard for official promo materials to stand out on their own when they all look like an especially talented Instagram teen made them for recruits to get Twitter shout-outs.

That can and will continue. Let’s mix in some more of this sort of thing is all I’m saying: