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Texas Tech DB played media days bingo to keep track of clichéd questions

Spoiler: he got bingo.

College football media days are cool in that they’re a sign that the season is just around the corner. But as an actual exchange of information, they can be quite dull. To highlight this point (and probably have a little fun, too), Texas Tech and junior defensive back Jah’Shawn Johnson decided to play a game: media days bingo.

Five across in five different combinations. A solid card if I’ve ever seen one.

Some of these topics are germane to Texas Tech, and others are standard preseason questions that get asked of more or less every player in the country.

The next media days participant who doesn’t have to answer a question about “culture” will be the first. Every upperclassman ever has been asked about “leadership,” too. The same’s true about a team’s “goals” and aspirations for the future. This is what media members do, present company included. No one’s original all the time.

“Earning the Double T” is a reference to coach Kliff Kingsbury’s decision to quite literally withhold the team logo from his players during the offseason. And every team gets asked about its defense, but when you finish dead last in the country in points allowed per game, you’ll get a few more questions. That’s reflected on this card.

One questioner went all in to ask Kingsbury about that defense:

From last year’s Big 12 media days, a conversation with a Tech lineman about how to easily put down 5,000 calories per day and live to tell about it.

Texas Tech OL is so chill about eating 5,000 calories

A 309-pound Texas Tech Red Raiders Football tackle runs you through his daily diet, which includes 5,000 calories worth of chicken, fries, veggies, fish, taquitos, Chipotle burritos and whatever else.

Posted by SB Nation College Football on Wednesday, July 20, 2016