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Oklahoma State’s punter launches Heisman campaign, complete with 1990s GeoCities GIFs

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Zach Sinor wants your support, Heisman voters.

A punter has never won the Heisman Trophy. The odds are long that one ever will. You know who’s not feeling deterred? Oklahoma State punter Zach Sinor.

Pegged to his appearance at Big 12 Media Days on Tuesday, the Pokes’ redshirt junior punter unveiled this wonderful website: Its front page:

Scroll down, and Sinor deftly rattles off lines from his resume:

Sinor was a semifinalist last year for the Ray Guy Award, which goes to the nation’s best punter. Utah’s Mitch Wishnowsky eventually claimed the honor, but Sinor really does appear to be one of the best returning punters in all the land. He averaged a steady 43 yards per boot last season, in addition to all those other good numbers.

I really can’t do Sinor’s website enough justice. Here’s one more part of it, but the only way to experience it is to go there and scroll through all its magic yourself:

The campaign isn’t just digital, though.

Sinor’s Heisman “campaign” is the latest proof that specialists are tons of fun.

I’d argue that the real pioneer in the “Specialists Are People Too” campaign is former Minnesota punter and holder Peter Mortell, who in 2015 declared himself college football’s Holder of the Year. When Michigan’s Garrett Moores “won” the “award” last year, it was one of the most emotional moments the game had ever seen.

Also, here’s Oregon State’s punter talking about one time when he punted a burrito:

And here’s Iowa State’s All-Big 12 kicker shouting out the haters who’d been down on him when he struggled on field goals earlier in his career:

Specialists, we appreciate and salute you.