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Lane Kiffin’s newest Twitter follows include a whole lot of Ole Miss. He’s just trolling.

Kiffin enjoys this kind of thing, but I’ll play along.

Here’s some good attention to detail:

Lane Kiffin is taking over as the head coach at Florida Atlantic this season after three years as Alabama offensive coordinator. Throughout the last decade, Kiffin has not tended to stay in one place for long. He hasn’t been in a job for more than three and a half seasons since 2006, when he left USC to become the Oakland Raiders’ head coach.

Hugh Freeze departed as Ole Miss’ head coach on Thursday amid dueling NCAA and escort scandals. That means there’s an SEC head coaching job open. Kiffin following a spate of Ole Miss accounts, including the football team’s official handle, is probably not a coincidence. We can go ahead and speculate about this for five months if we’d like.

Kiffin’s just joking here, sources told SB Nation’s Steven Godfrey. Also, Kiffin’s apparently out here in Twitter DMs stating the same case:

(Kiffin has since followed Houston Nutt, the former Ole Miss coach whose lawsuit against the school directly led to Freeze’s downfall. That’s extraordinary trolling by a man who’s known for extraordinary trolling.)

Of less fun but maybe more important note: Kiffin following an account that looks like it belongs to father of Darren Carrington. He’s an Oregon star receiver whom the Ducks just dismissed after a series of off-field issues.

Kiffin has already made FAU a home for transfers with legal problems in their past, including former Florida State QB De’Andre Johnson. If he’s recruiting the talented Carrington to Boca Raton, that’s not surprising by any stretch.