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Ole Miss tweets, then deletes ‘You can't put a price on family.’ Awkward!

Just keep tweeting through it, Rebels

Lesson of the day, folks: When in doubt, just keep tweeting. It’s been exactly a week since Ole Miss announced the resignation of head coach Hugh Freeze, after the school was made aware of a call from his phone to an escort service found in his phone records in January of last year. The call was brought to the attention of Ole Miss by Houston Nutt’s attorney. Nutt is in the process of suing Ole Miss’ athletic department for lost wages, emotional distress, and embarrassment, as well as legal fees and punitive damages.

In the process of moving on from having coach Freeze at the helm, Ole Miss is handling the events by tweetin’ through it. Whoever runs Ole Miss’ Twitter account decided to put out this little inspirational quote, featuring interim head coach Matt Luke, that says “You can’t put a price on family.” A couple of hours after it was sent out, it was deleted.

This tweet may not come off as ironic to you at first. But according to the NCAA’s vague estimations, Ole Miss recruits allegedly received $37,310:

“Adding in the new accusations, the Ole Miss football program is accused of doling out $37,310,” Andy Staples writes. That includes the boosters who are accused of giving at least $13,000 to a player who signed elsewhere, along with some smaller alleged payments to family members: stuff like car loans and store merchandise, and some benefits for which the NCAA estimated a dollar amount, like $33 for a couple nights lodging at a coach’s house.”

The recent NCAA mess has cost the school a lot of cash. In late February, when Ole Miss released its response to the NCAA’s allegations, Ole Miss paid a total of $9.4 million when taking into account the various expenses. First, the $7.8 million given to the SEC for its share of the conference’s postseason revenue to the school for the 2017 season. Oh, and in May of last year, when Ole Miss announced the first 13 allegations, it anticipated spending $1.5 million in legal fees over the course of its own investigation. There was also Ole Miss’ self-imposed sanctions from last May, which came with a $159,352 fine.

You can’t fault Ole Miss for tweeting through all of this, and while the quote from Luke is a good one, it’s just a tad bit ironic. Never the less, keep it coming, Ole Miss.