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'Last Chance U' season 3 likely changing schools, reportedly to one in Kansas

Our favorite football Netflix show might be headed elsewhere next season.

Last Chance U is the TV show that probably best encapsulates the experience of college athletics, even if it’s just at the junior college level.

It has everything from gripping on-field shots to actual real-life struggles of young men. It also lends a nuance to the young black male characters portrayed that’s not often seen on television, even if it is through the prism of sports.

But it may be getting a new cast of characters, if its director is to be believed:

For what it’s worth, director Greg Whiteley told For The Win he wasn’t sure whether [coach Buddy] Stephens would welcome the cameras again and was considering focusing on a different team for a potential third season of the show. Stephens said he hasn’t heard from Whiteley about whether the crew plans to return. Camp begins Aug. 7.

The show’s already been rejected by one school, but an assistant coach at a different JUCO, Independence Community College in Independence Kan., reportedly told a player the cameras were ready to roll there:

“The defensive coordinator called me on the phone and said they would be filming Last Chance U,” [Tyreik] McCallum said.

And it was reported late Thursday night that the Kansas school was indeed the subject of season three.

We’ve reached out to a Netflix rep for comment and will update when we hear back.

I’m actually yet to finish season two, though our positive review of it is here. But I will leave you with my favorite GIF of my progress so far — Stephens rearranging the locker room at halftime of a game the Lions would end up winning:

If this is the last we see of Stephens & Co. on the Netflix screen, then they certainly went out with a bang.