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74 of college football's worst uniforms ever

Prepare your eyes accordingly.

This summer, we decided to ask you about the worst uniforms you’ve ever seen in college football.

We got a whole bunch of them, so let’s get started!

Some of these older ones are extra special.

Brief Michigan interjection here:

Michigan interjection is now over. Back to other teams.

Oh, and there’s this new Florida thing for 2017:

Louisville has had its fair share of alternate uniforms, thanks to its Adidas deal.


The jersey’s undershirt was something.

When you forget what your nickname is ...

... and then overcompensate:

Some camouflage looks went very wrong.

The Bowling ball helmet look:

Continuing that tradition, with Miami (Ohio):

Sir, there’s a foot on your helmet.

Some of Texas Tech’s alternates were, um, interesting.

Obligatory Oregon section!

Yep, you knew there’d be one.

One of the most oddball combinations was the blue and gold “Webfoot” jerseys the Ducks wore last season. Oregon officially adopted the Webfoots as its nickname in 1932 before the Ducks eventually caught on.

But moving forward, Oregon will go back to sticking with a more traditional ones.

When all-black unis don’t come out looking as intimidating as planned:


There have been some pretty bad Virginia Tech alternates.

That’s Virginia Tech’s QB at the time, talking about these turkey-track hats:

Virginia Tech

In 2009, four Hokies hilariously had to wear Georgia Tech jerseys after their tops had gone missing on the way to Bobby Dodd. Here’s former Hokie quarterback Sean Glennon rocking it.

LSU has had some special ones, too.

Georgia, wyd fam.

Next is probably the single most reviled uniform sent to us on Twitter during this experiment. We got this one over and over:

Not really sure what Iowa State was thinking here, but ...

On a ketchup-and-mustard note:

These Ohio State looks were something.

Notre Dame’s managed to have appalling looks by two different apparel companies.

Ahh, the good ole crackled rock number design.

Southern Miss wore these in 2013.

Some of these matching jersey/pants combos didn’t look quite right.

Northwestern, with the purple-out design:

Roll Tide.


Texas A&M wore these glow in the dark helmets, but there was one problem.

Glowing helmet logos sounds like a sweet idea for a night game, right? Well TAMU’s game on Halloween against South Carolina ended up being kicked off at 11 a.m. local.

Nothing like pumpkin orange and green unis.

Colorado State wore these bad boys to honor its pumpkin and green colored Colorado A&M past.


There’s something about these BYU bib uniforms that make me laugh out loud.

More ridiculousness:

Props to Joe on Twitter for the excellent description on these Tulsa alternates.

Speaking of Maryland!

Non-CFB bad alternate unis deserve honorable mentions.

Thank you for your time, and God bless these designers who came up with these hilariously awful uniforms.