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The Texas Longhorns now have an official beer *and* a ‘brand activation experience’

Beer and football are good.

Wine Conglomerate Constellation Brands Buys Corona From  Anheuser-Busch InBev Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Texas has taken the in-stadium beer movement to the next level, selling Coronas at Darrell K. Royal stadium. But they also now have Corona as the official beer of UT sports. The slogan is predictably cringeworthy: “Horns up, limes in.” But it’s beer, so who are we to judge?

Here’s the PR speak about how excited Texas is to do this (make more money).

"Texas is proud to join with the Corona Extra team to promote the excitement and pageantry of collegiate sports," said Texas men's athletics director Mike Perrin.

Before each home football game in Austin this year, fans 21+ can get ready to cheer on the Longhorns with the brand's activation experience at the Corona Beach House located near the stadium. Fans can enjoy a Corona-branded experience including fun photo opportunities with Corona's iconic giant Adirondack chair.

We have absolutely no idea what a brand activation experience is, but enjoy it if you’re a UT fan.

The beers’ll likely be priced at like $8, if I had to guess.

For folks who want to thumb their noses at a beer that taste like its mostly water, consider this: do you really want to be drinking a 9 percent ABV IPA at 3:30 on a Texas afternoon? It’s Corona pilsner beer, and it has one job to do. That job is to get folks sauced enough that they won’t care whether Texas is doing something like this with the game on the line.

Don’t worry; the players definitely won’t see a dime of this shot in the arm to UT’s in-stadium revenue either.