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Les Miles is doing college football TV in 2017. Here’s why that’ll be fun

He’ll be working some with both ESPN and Fox.

Texas A&M v LSU Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Former LSU head coach Les Miles won’t be on the sidelines coaching this fall, but he won’t be away from college football entirely. Before Week 1, it was announced that Miles would serve as a guest analyst with the SEC Network’s morning pregame show, SEC Nation, leading up to the No. 9 Michigan vs. No. 16 Florida matchup in Arlington, Texas.

He’ll join some Fox Sports broadcasts for the rest of the season:

No, it isn’t the head coaching role we’d love to see him in this fall, but we’ll take all the Les we can get this season. Anyway, in honor of his television debut coming up in a few weeks, I came up with a list of what we all really want to see him doing during his time on-air.

Things we want to see Miles do on live TV:

Eating lots of grass:

We’ve seen him do this countless times before, most recently getting a taste of the Women’s College World Series grass from the softball field:

Miles became known for eating the grass at Tiger Stadium during his LSU career. There was this time during the 2014 LSU-Bama game:


And he famously appeared in the ESPN commercial for the College Football Playoff eating a grass smoothie:

GIF via @ValleyShook

Talking about holidays for hours:

He did this a lot throughout his coaching career during press conferences, mostly during opening statements. He stressed the importance and value of Columbus Day during a 2013 press conference, which became one of his greatest hits:

He is also very into St. Patrick’s Day:

And his last Halloween costume was a pirate one:

Les Miles' last Halloween costume was 20 years ago and he dressed up as a pirate. As a kid, he went as a football player, cheerleader, clown. Remembers his dad going through his Halloween candy.

Oh, and his description of Thanksgiving food a few years ago was perfection:

Savagely rejecting his kids’ basketball shots:

He did this twice with both his son and daughter while sporting some Converse he got from ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt:

The one rejecting his daughter’s shot is hilariously brilliant:

Rappelling down high-rise buildings:

I would watch this thing for hours. Before the 2013 season began, he rappelled down a 24-story building, all in the name of charity:

Aggressively addressing head coaching rumors:

One of his more unforgettable podium moments was ahead of the 2007 SEC Championship, when it was rumored that he was going to take the Michigan job:

“Have a great day!”

Clapping endlessly:

We created five hours of him doing just this for your convenience!

At least we’ll get Miles talking about college football this season. It’ll certainly be taking some getting used to in his new role, but he definitely will provide some entertainment, for sure.