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Antonio Callaway suspension makes Michigan vs. Florida even harder to predict

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UMass v Florida Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Florida vs. Michigan in JerryWorld was already gonna be a weird game. For one thing, the Gators are playing a fellow current Power 5 opponent away from home, something they haven't done to start a season since 1990. For another, Jim Harbaugh is involved.

And with Michigan replacing its roster (more or less) and Florida figuring out a QB battle, we now add the suspension of top UF WR Antonio Callaway, along with six other Gators, reportedly over the use of school funds.

That means the top leading receiver for either team, among returning players, is Florida's Brandon Powell, who had 387 yards last year.

Days earlier, our Ian Boyd attempted to preview this game, with half of the analysis focusing on the question, "Do the Gators have a passing game yet?" Seeing UF go against a smart, talented, and young Michigan defense was supposed to give us an answer to at least that question, and now it might not.

The Wolverines are still favored by about a field goal, despite losing more production than almost any team in the country. That's probably about as good a guess as any.

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