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South Carolina band’s recreation of ‘Last Chance U’ opener is a great recruiting video

Nicely done here.

You’ve seen this title sequence on Last Chance U’s first season ...

... and a similar version with the same song on the second season.

Now here’s South Carolina’s remake of the song and visuals, all in the name of recruiting future Gamecocks:

It’s a shot-for-shot remake of the Season 2 opener (note the Gamecocks selected to show some of their prettiest buildings, rather than some of the run-down Scooba, Mississippi buildings used in the show’s credits), though I’m unable to find video of that one online. Also:

How do we know this is all about recruiting? Well, young football players like that show, and:

The best part here is Gamecocks head coach Will Muschamp standing in for EMCC head coach Buddy Stephens, LCU’s hot-blooded head coach.

And yeah, that checks out.