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4 cool things about Oregon’s 2017 ‘Stomp Out Cancer’ alternate uniforms

Willie Taggart’s Ducks will wear these on Sept. 9 at home against Nebraska.

Oregon’s got new alternate uniforms. That part is barely news, because Oregon’s always got new alternate uniforms.

But the Ducks have said they’re going to be more measured in their approach to style going forward, so some new gear for college football’s most fashion-focused program (whether you like that part or not) is still something.

Also, they’re good.

1. They’re flashy and unique, without being over the top.

Oregon went overboard in recent years, but the Ducks have found a way to do something cool within college football’s 2017 trend of clean and sleek.

2. There’s a good cause at play.

The theme is “Stomp Out Cancer.” Oregon says it’s partnering with Portland’s OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital, hopefully with more details forthcoming:

The university said [the uniform] was designed and inspired by "the pediatric cancer patients of OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland."

September is childhood cancer awareness month.

The Ducks unveiled the uniforms at OHSU in Portland in front of physicians, nurses, staff and patients.

You can see The Duck, whose name is totally but not totally Puddles, preparing to drop the big web foot down on an entire disease.

Oregon’s themed its uniforms for causes before. Lots of teams have worn pink gear because of breast cancer, while the Ducks took it a step further by auctioning off pink helmets for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

3. The shoes tell the story.

The only truly weird part of these unis is that yellow fade on the lower leg, but it looks good and highlights the part of the body that’d do the stomping, if one were to literally stomp on cancer. It also ties the player’s body back to the mascot’s, without doing the hilarious Mascot Mode thing Oregon did in 2016.


The best of all: Oregon helmets make their return. The Ducks wore several different helmet logos in 2015 and 2016, including the traditional “O” logo and a Cal-like throwback, but this is the one everybody likes the most.

Also, because this school is Nike’s pride and joy, there are matching shoes for the general public.