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This Colorado State fake had the camera operator SO LOST

It also had Oregon State sort of lost, for that matter.

Saturday is the first day of the major college football season, with five FBS games. Most of the country isn’t playing until next week, making this Week 0, basically. That’s true for everybody involved — the players, the coaches, the refs, the ushers, the concession workers, fans, and media. We’re all going to be sloppy for a bit. I’m extra worried I’m going to slide a typo into this blog post you’re reading right now.

Colorado State ran some misdirection on a play in the second quarter against Oregon State. The Beavers couldn’t find the ball, and neither could CBS Sports’ camera person.

This is all fine and understandable. If anything, it’s a credit to the CSU offense, which did a terrific job selling the play as an off-tackle run to the left. It was, in fact, not that.

CSU quarterback Nick Stevens kept the ball, and he chucked it 17 yards downfield for a first-down completion to receiver Olabisi Johnson. The camera man got faked twice, once when Stevens kept the ball and once when he let it fly toward his receiver.

Operating a camera is difficult, and it’s even more difficult when you’re trying to track a sport whose strategies are often founded upon deception. Don’t give the camera man grief, but do revel in the return of this sloppy, wonderful sport.

CSU went on to win, 58-27.