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This Ohio State coach is really picking the hell out of his nose

The last time a Buckeye went this deep, Devin Smith was playing wide receiver.

Ohio State’s quarterbacks coach, Ryan Day, is working his first game with the Buckeyes on Thursday night. The Buckeyes have a tough road challenge at Indiana. That means it’s critical for a coach, like a player, to feel comfortable. So I don’t blame Day for this:

That is Day picking his nose. He’s digging for gold here, and I hope he found it. I don’t begrudge booger-hunting, because I’ve done it myself. Everyone’s been there.

Other coaches who have been there include former Alabama assistant (and current Falcons offensive coordinator) Steve Sarkisian ...

... and Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh:

Harbaugh later denied he’d ever eaten a booger. His brother, Ravens coach John Harbaugh, corroborated that report. The family stuck together like — I don’t know — a booger stuck to the roof of an Ohio State coach’s nose.

That was a good story. But the evidence was overwhelming, and it is here, too.

Day came to Ohio State by way of the NFL, where he was Chip Kelly’s quarterbacks coach the last two years with the Eagles and 49ers. Many moons ago, he was a graduate assistant at Florida in 2005. The Gators’ head coach that year was Urban Meyer, who hired Day to work under new offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson this year. The Wilson/Day offense should be fast and really good.