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Watch UConn’s QB and center rigorously practice taking a knee to beat an FCS team

Never lose sight of the fundamentals.

UConn’s football team narrowly avoided losing to FCS team Holy Cross on Thursday. In both teams’ season opener, the Huskies won at home, 27-20. It was fine, insofar as losing to an FCS team at home in the first game of the year would have not been fine.

Please enjoy this video of UConn’s quarterback and center working diligently on their snap exchange before the clock-killing kneel-down phase of the game.

This is a) hilarious b) because it’s UConn and c) because the Huskies almost lost to an FCS team d) that’s not even good in the FCS e) in Randy Edsall’s first game coaching the program f) in his second stint with the team g) after a very bad five-season run at Maryland that h) followed him abandoning UConn before a season even ended.

Anyway, the act of practicing an exchange between a QB and a center is not weird. Huskies QB Bryant Shirreffs and center Ryan Crozier are just doing their jobs.