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Boise State defensive end catches a fumble and books it 55 yards for a Piesman touchdown

Terrific athleticism by the big man.

This 55-yard fumble return touchdown by Boise State defensive end Curtis Weaver should earn the big man serious Piesman Trophy consideration in 2017.

Weaver gets credit for a lot of things here. He starts the play as a stand-up, five-technique edge pass-rusher to the left of Washington State quarterback Luke Falk. What he does after that is impressive on several levels:

  • He stays with the play. Weaver initially gets run pretty far upfield by the left tackle, but he’s undeterred and charges back toward the QB.
  • He shows good reflexes. When two teammates make a sandwich out of Falk and pop the ball up into the air, Weaver’s a real Johnny on the Spot to grab it out of mid-air.
  • His agility is excellent. Note the way Weaver immediately turns back upfield and how quickly he gets into a long gallop to the end zone. He’s a listed 6’3 and 252 pounds, and the man runs like a decathlete.

Weaver’s not quite as bulky as some past Piesman nominees. But he’s nonetheless a huge man, and this is a superb piece of play.