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THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE: Ohio State fans suspect a Deep Ohio State plot

J.T. Barrett blackmailing Urban Meyer? Kevin Wilson leading a coup? Your weekly tour of the best in college football internet anger plants its flag in Columbus.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State took a home pounding against Oklahoma on Saturday night. Buckeyes fans were so angry that this week, they’re all LOSING THEIR BLACK STRIPES and being featured on THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE. Let’s dive into the best of Ohio State’s post-OU internet scene.

We start our journey in Urban Meyer’s Twitter mentions.

Everyone was supportive of the man who’s now 62-7 with a national championship at Ohio State:

Meyer had criticized ex-OSU assistant Tom Herman in the press this week, after Herman said he couldn’t “sprinkle some fairy dust” on his new team at Texas to make it good:

Interjection: I accidentally included two Michigan fan’s tweets to Meyer in this space. Per the rules of the game, I have removed them. I feel shame. Back to the show:

Buckeye Conspiracy Theory No. 1: Is J.T. Barrett blackmailing Meyer to keep the starting QB job?

A message board thread posits the same question:

What does JT have on urban Meyer? Why is he so in love with this below average QB? Does he want to win championships? This QB is not going to win ilia championships!!!

Buckeye Conspiracy No. 2: Is Meyer’s own offensive coordinator plotting to take the head coaching job?

The denizens of Buckeye Sports were restless, and some are buying that Ohio State’s OC is plotting to overthrow Meyer.

THREAD: “Absurd Conspiracy Theory:”

Kevin Wilson might be looking for an elite head coaching job, and what better place to consider than where he is currently located.

If so, would Wilson care if our fan base called for Meyer's head? Who would be next in line on Meyer's staff? Would Wilson care if our fans thought Meyer was over-riding his ideas in this dysfunctional offense? Maybe Meyer partially is, and maybe that would be justification in his mind?

It goes deeper.

Just a note, -long time Wilson confidant, Bob Stoops, was in the building last night. Who would Wilson be more loyal to?

Yes, this is pretty f-ing absurd I agree...and I would like to have more faith that backstabbing and conniving like this doesn't go on..but stranger things have happened.

Hopefully, Meyer watches his back.

The first person to reply was really, really sure that this is happening:

Not a conspiracy at all.

It goes deeper:

Weren't you watching last week? It's no coincidence that Wilson's former team had a 21-20 lead against OSU. There's been rumblings that IU had knowledge of OSUs first half game plan. Who else but Wilson could've supplied that information? There's lots of talk about how shady Wilson is in how he interacts with the rest of the staff. At some point Meyer will have to cut ties with Wilson before the end of the season.

Another member of that board suggests Barrett is aging in reverse, a truly devious maneuver against Meyer.

THREAD: “He’s aged 20 years in 4.”

JT looks old. Like a 39 yr old veteran with ice packs on both knees just trying to grind out one more season of glory before his body goes out to pasture. The problem is he's not 39. This is not a 16 yr NFL vet giving it one last harrah. This is a college football player who should be in the best shape of his life! What happened to this kid? He used to be able to run! Never confused for a burner but he certainly could pickup his feet and move making him effective at chewing up yards on the ground. Now he looks like he's moving in slow motion out there. His 40 time must've slipped from about a 4.6 to a 5.2 during his extended tenure at tOSU. Old grandpa looking QB smh. Old and tired

Let’s stroll on over to r/OhioStateFootball.

THREAD: “To all the JT fans, who said he shouldn't be benched...”

THREAD: “Save the Barrett hate”

The first comment:

Can we start now?

THREAD: “I'm an Army cadet and I'm planting a flag once Army wins.”

Try to stop me.

I can’t think of a more moving example of U.S. military personnel planting a flag. The Black Knights play at Ohio State next week. Baker Mayfield did this Saturday:

Others at r/OhioState were furious.

THREAD: “Fuck Baker Mayfield and the Oklahoma Sooners.”

I never thought something like what Mayfield just did would piss me off so much. Don't plant shit on our field. Especially not on the "O". You RESPECT the "O". You piece of shit. Just take your W, go home and run around out there. You looked like a kindergartener out running like that. Learn to respect your opponents next time, asshole.

Later, a revision:

EDIT: I know we can be dicks too, I was just in the moment talking and getting pissed that's all

THREAD: “How I feel after the OSU Vs Oklahoma game.”

Via Haedman on Reddit

At the Bucknuts forums, users feared the mods were in on the conspiracy.

THREAD: “Barret is the Problem (respond quick!; mod deletion imminent!)”

THREAD: “Hey Staff

How about growing a SET and demanding to know from Urban himself when this crapshow offense is gonna stop and these 4 and 5 star recruits will be played to the strengths and potential??? 3 of the last 4 games and the same old crap offense!

The first response:

Well said! Sick and tired of hearing our "WHAC SOURCES", they are all full of shit! Please give me some honest intell on what the hell is going on inside the WHAC! Prince still sucks, JT is still inaccurate, and the WR still suck! It this staff didn't bring really good recruiting info. I would cancel my membership! Duane will probably lock this thread now!

THREAD: “Have Fun”

Recruiting after that.

Ohio State has the No. 1 recruiting class in the country and could finish with the highest-rated class in the history of recruiting rankings.

THREAD: “Urban needs to change ...”

Or be fired. I'm sorry, I can't watch this dogshit anymore. Fucking pathetic!

THREAD: “If you have 9 captains”

You have none... Is this any different than the old saying... if you have 2 QBs you have none... just something to think about...

Leadership is about what you do and not what you say... Urban has been talking a good game but for the last 3 years but you have to start wondering about his actions...

Can't he see that "his" offense has been figured out especially with a QB that lacks the ability to "perform" on the big stages he has been on... We should all be so thankful for Cardale Jones and Tom Herman in 2014 or we would be 0-fer right now on NCs... at this point in time unless something drastically changes we will not beat PSU or SCUM this year... just won't happen...

THREAD: Leadership

For a team with 9 captains, I'm not seeing a lot of leadership on this team. We played flat 90% of the game tonight.

THREAD: “Last post from me for awile”

THREAD: “This team sucks on defense”

We can't cover an old lady. I'm a life long buckeye and I'm done. Urban Meyer is the most overrated coach in college football. Losing to this shit is deplorable. Bye bye buckeyes...

Here are some comments on articles at Eleven Warriors.

I cannot imagine how fucking easy it is for an opposing defensive coordinator to prepare and coach against our offense. Our offense seriously looks like a Division 5 high school offense. It's absolutely pathetic and it's embarrassing. I REALLLLY wish I could be a fly in the wall in some of these meetings when we play legitimate teams. Their defensive staffs seriously have to laugh their asses off at how impotent we are.


Urban is to blame for everything, you pissed the last 2 years, 2 years ago you screwed up against MSU, you cost your players and coaches and buckeye nation back to back nattys. Why don't you just call the damn plays. Too damn bad you can't coach as good as you can talk, you couldn't carry Nick's or Dabo's jock strap right now. If you can't do any better than this, then quit!

Facebook was a battlefield, too.

One user wrote:

They should fire Urban Meyer, bench JT Barrett, rip up the turf, get rid of Brutus

Minnesota v Ohio State
Brutus, fleeing the vicinity
Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

The Buckeyes suck. TJ barrett can not hit the broad of a barn. And 4&5 star receivers who can not get open or catch the ball when they do.

Dikirim oleh Bill Lewis pada 10 September 2017

Fucking pathetic display of awesome option football Urban I can't wait till they finally can your ass. Should've done it...

Dikirim oleh Shawn Smith pada 10 September 2017

Cut his pay or fire him

Posted by Douglas Noble on Sunday, September 10, 2017

After a Big Ten title game loss a few years ago, Meyer ate a pizza ...

... so some people tweeted his wife to make sure he didn’t eat another.

The good folks at Eleven Warriors made a 12-minute, 44-second video of nothing but sad Ohio State fans leaving the Horseshoe.

Everything here’s melancholy. But if Buckeye melancholy is your thing, it’s great.

One commenter says:

Generally speaking, we have the most irrational fan base in all of college football. I could care less what they think.