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The Wikipedia war over Baker Mayfield's ownership of Ohio State's stadium has now claimed Siri

OSU and OU fans are still fighting, via technology!

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield is coming off of a pretty big weekend. His team upset the then-No. 2 Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday night, while he threw for 386 yards and three TDs in the process. After the game, Mayfield was so jacked up that he ran around Ohio State Stadium with an OU flag, which he then proceeded to plant in the middle of the field on top of the “O” logo at midfield.

Mayfield later apologized for the flag planting, but not before someone conveniently updated the owner of Ohio Stadium’s Wikipedia page on Monday morning. and Cream Machine

It gets even better. A Buckeye fan then changed the owner from Mayfield to “Every True Buckeye fan!” He also left a revision note that read “Changed the ‘owner’ section form that coward Baker Mayfield to the rightful owners!” The page has since been changed back to list “Ohio State University” as the owner, but “Every True Buckeye Fan!” lasted a solid day, hilariously.

Apple’s Siri has also gotten in on the fun, claiming Mayfield as Ohio Stadium’s rightful owner on Wednesday.

College football is just the best, and I hope Oklahoma and Ohio State fans are still arguing in like, November.