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The Big Ten seems to be making the Quadrangle of Hate games more of a thing

Next, the Big Ten West’s fatal four-way brawl for rivalry trophies needs an overall trophy for the annual winner.

Every Quadrangle of Hate game has a trophy. These are just the ones Minnesota plays for
Getty and Minnesota

The Quadrangle of Hate, an unofficial internet term for the four-way rivalry between Big Ten West members Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin (as far as I can tell, the QOH’s oldest documented usage was by SB Nation's Off Tackle Empire in early 2014), appears to be becoming more of an actual thing, at least on the scheduling side.

Since 2011, new-ish rivalry Iowa-Nebraska has joined ancient rivalry Minnesota-Wisconsin in being played on Rivalry Weekend to end the regular season. But the Big Ten's new schedule rotation for 2020 and 2021 ends with Minnesota-Nebraska and Iowa-Wisconsin, and apparently, those will rotate in some fashion:

"All we wanted to try to do was mix and match the rivalry games," [Big Ten associate commissioner for TV administration Mark Rudner] said. "We know that Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Minnesota, all four of those games are rivalry games in their own right."

Asked if that means Nebraska and Wisconsin will play the final week of future regular seasons, Rudner said, "I think that's probably fair to say, even though we haven't gone beyond 2021 yet. That would be the principle."

Jumping into the relevant comment sections, we find:

Now the only thing we need is an overall Quadrangle of Hate Trophy, like you see with the service academies, Michigan MAC schools, Florida Power 5 schools, and some other multi-team rivalries. OTE has a fine mockup idea there.

Quadrangle of Hate records

Series Trophy Series leader
Series Trophy Series leader
Iowa vs. Minnesota Floyd of Rosedale Minnesota, 62-46-2
Iowa vs. Nebraska Heroes Trophy Nebraska, 29-15-3
Iowa vs. Wisconsin Heartland Trophy Wisconsin, 45-43-2
Minnesota vs. Nebraska $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy? Minnesota, 31-24-2
Minnesota vs. Wisconsin Paul Bunyan's Axe Tied, 59-59-8
Nebraska vs. Wisconsin Freedom Trophy Wisconsin, 7-4
Quadrangle of Hate rankings Record Win percentage
1. Minnesota 152-129-12 0.541
2. Nebraska 57-53-5 0.5118
3. Wisconsin 111-106-10 0.5112
4. Iowa 104-136-7 0.433

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