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Fear not, humanity: Mike Gundy’s son says The Mullet is still with us

The Oklahoma State head coach’s hair must remain intact.

Oklahoma State v TCU Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

One of Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy’s sons addresses an internet rumor:

Whenever the most beloved hairstyle in all of college football leaves the public eye — as it did over the weekend, when OSU got its game out of the way on Friday — the populace panics a little bit. Gundy’s sons are important sources on all of this, seeing as Gundy first started growing it out just to teach one of them a lesson.

Before that denial by Gundy, a Reddit thread attempted to gather information on the whereabouts of Gundy’s BIFPIB (edit No. 4 is phenomenal):

My friend says he went to the barber shop this morning. He goes to the same barber as Gundy, apparently. One of the barbers said that the other barber cut Mike Gundy's mullet at his request... INTO A RAT TAIL!

EDIT: My friend got his hair cut at Klip it Up on Washington Street. Maybe someone in Stillwater can go confirm?

EDIT 2: This is getting real... apparently someone called over and they "could not confirm or deny"

EDIT 3: Just texted my friend for more details, he said it wasn't a long conversation, he gets his hair cut by Kristen and she told him Kathy cut Gundy's hair late yesterday

EDIT 4: guys stop calling over they are getting pissed off, there I called and asked and they just hung up on me

I’m glad we could put all this behind us and look forward to seeing the glorious plumage again on Saturday, at Pitt.