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That A&M regent who called for Kevin Sumlin’s firing? He bought a $600,000 WWII tank to ‘blow things up and run over things’

I mean duh, why else would you need one of these?

Remember that Texas A&M regent, Tony Buzbee, who called for Kevin Sumlin’s firing hours after the Aggies’ loss to UCLA? Well, that man just spent $600,000 to purchase a freaking WWII tank. In a story featured on Fox 26 in Houston, Buzbee says he bought it through an auction. His reasoning? Well, childhood nostalgia, of course!

“You know, as a child, you played army, you had little Tonka tank, and you’d run over trucks,” Buzbee said via Fox 26. “And you know when I found out it was coming up for auction, I told one of my guys ‘Lets get that tank it’d be really cool out on my ranch to blow things up and run over things.’”

Buzbee, a well-known Houston attorney, naturally is going to put the tank legit on his front yard, because where else would you put a $600,000 tank?

Isiah Carey, the reporter who interviewed Buzbee, then asked him the hard-hitting question of: “What are your neighbors going to say, all these rich-ass people?”

“I’m sure they appreciate history just like you and I do,” Buzbee said.

Hands down one of my favorite parts of this interview is right after Buzbee says he wants to eventually put it “where little kids can get up on it, and parents can take pictures of it” and there’s a shot of a little kid looking at the tank from a car window, he says this, while standing on top of the tank:

“I have a [bleeping] tank, who else has a [bleeping] tank!”

Screenshot via Fox 26

Per Buzbee, he was a Marine in the Persian Gulf and Somalia, and adds his grandfather landed at Normandy.

“It was this particular type of piece of equipment that helped us win that war,” Buzbee said. “And had we not won that war, this would be a completely different country, now we celebrate our freedoms and our right to speak, and our right to have a tank on our front yards.”

This video is glorious, and I would expect nothing less from an attorney who called for Sumlin’s firing after Week 1.