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Today in Ohio State drama: Top Buckeye recruits call for a QB change, much to Kirk Herbstreit’s public dismay

There’s a lot going on here, but none of it’s excellent for Ohio State.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

1. Ohio State loses at home to Oklahoma, 31-16, demonstrating continued offensive issues that have plagued the program in several big games since 2015.

2. The status of starting senior quarterback J.T. Barrett continues to dominate discussion among Buckeye fans. Should he be replaced by youngster Dwayne Haskins? Should they split time? Should another QB be thrown in as well?

3. The people who saw OSU lose to OU include Ohio State recruits Jackson Carman, 2018’s No. 1 OT, and Micah Parsons, the No. 1 DE. On Twitter, both called for Haskins to take over Barrett’s job (@dh_simba7 is Haskins’ handle).

In response to a tweet about Meyer not considering a QB change:


And Parsons sharing Carman’s tweet:

4. ESPN commentator Kirk Herbstreit weighs in:

And then responds to those defending the athletes’ right to opinions:

5. Carman returns, implying he’d be allowed to call for a QB change at Clemson or USC, if he were to sign to those schools instead of Ohio State.

6. Yeah, this keeps going! There was this tweet by an Ohio State reporter ...

... that’s shared by a four-star Ohio State safety commit ...

... which is then shared by a different current Ohio State quarterback (and somewhere in here, it becomes unclear who’s referring to whom as a “sheep”) ...

... which is now full circle, back to a former Ohio State quarterback (oh, right, Herbstreit is a former Ohio State player, meaning any time he says anything about Ohio State, it’s met with cries of HOMER and TRAITOR from both directions, in addition to all the usual yelling).

7. I think we’re caught up, for the moment. Basically, everything is really great at Ohio State right now.