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Planting Oklahoma’s flag at Ohio State made Baker Mayfield the king of the college football internet

And make sure you read this story about him talking trash to Buckeye fans during the game.

You know by now that, after a huge road upset in Week 2, Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield planted the Sooners’ flag right in the middle of the famous “O” logo at Ohio Stadium’s midfield. The video, unsurprisingly, went viral.

This upset a lot of people, mainly Ohio State fans. ABC’s Kirk Herbstreit said he thought it was “out of character” of Mayfield, and later said on The Dan Patrick Show that it was “a little uncalled for.” Everyone else loved it, pretty much, and some Buckeyes defended him.

Mayfield’s sorry he hurt feelings (but not really actually sorry).

On Monday, Mayfield apologized and said he didn’t mean any disrespect with his actions ...

... but then he went on The Rich Eisen Show and said he’d do the whole thing over again:

There’s a lot of sensitive people in this world in this day and age. I’m going to offend a lot of people. It’s just the nature of the position I’m in. You’ve got to try and stay a little bit level-headed and enjoy the win, but at the same time, not tick too many people off. I wouldn’t take it back, but it was meant to be just for our team.

Before the flag, Mayfield apparently clapped back at some Ohio State fans during the game.

This might be my favorite story of the week.

After the game, Mayfield’s legend continued to grow, courtesy of Wikipedia and Siri.

By Monday morning, Ohio Stadium’s Wikipedia page had a new “owner.” and Cream Machine

This was eventually changed by a Buckeye fan from Mayfield to “Every True Buckeye fan!” The Buckeye also left a revision note that read “Changed the ‘owner’ section from that coward Baker Mayfield to the rightful owners!” The page has since been changed back to list “Ohio State University” as the owner, but “Every True Buckeye Fan!” lasted a solid day.

Somewhere in there, iPhone voice assistant Siri started to proclaim Mayfield as the stadium’s owner, even after the Wikipedia page had been returned to normal.

Oh, and his Heisman odds shot up after Saturday.

Before his game against the Buckeyes, Mayfield was behind Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson and USC’s Sam Darnold, sitting at +700. After last Saturday, he’s now second behind Jackson (+175) at +400.

He’s apparently impressed some NFL draft folks, too.