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6 distinct faces Bobby Petrino made while chewing out a ref during Clemson-Louisville

Look: He’s passionate.

During his team’s game against Clemson on Saturday, Louisville coach Bobby Petrino got mad at an official. Petrino chose not to keep his anger to himself.

Here’s Petrino asking the ref for his mailing address so he can send him a Christmas card, or telling him that his call was “fucking bullshit.” I don’t know which.

I think Petrino was mad about the ball spot after the previous play. Petrino’s an emotional man, and he runs hot sometimes. His temper comes up often during the now 16-year-long Bobby Petrino Shenanigans Tracker, which we maintain regularly.

I’d like to take this time to dissect Petrino’s best faces from these few moments he spent berating the ref during his team’s Clemson game.

When the bouncer won’t let you and your boys into the club, and after indulging your pleas for several minutes, he’s now ignoring you as you insist you’ll take your $15 cover charge to the place right down the street:


When Popeyes is out of the spicy strips and you have to get mild:


When a four-star pro-style QB with a huge right arm walks by you on the street:


When you’ve got a strong take about social issues, and you want to make it forcefully enough that your one friend hears you but subtly enough that no one else does:


When someone suggests Chamber of Secrets is the best Harry Potter book, but you feel passionately that Half-Blood Prince hasn’t gotten its due in the popular culture:


When you’re actually not mad, and this is actually funny to you: