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ECU WR snags a CATCH OF THE YEAR candidate while flying out of bounds

Quay Johnson’s hand-eye coordination is bonkers.

We remain in the early stages of this college football season, so outrightly declaring anything the CATCH OF THE YEAR is a risky business. But this 27-yard grab by ECU receiver Quay Johnson will be a candidate when ballots are cast at season’s end:

The score was later 17-17 in the second quarter.

Johnson’s running a pretty standard pattern down the right sideline, but he’s blanketed by a Virginia Tech defensive back. The pass in his direction is slightly underthrown, so he can’t just run ahead of the DB and get under it. The ball goes over the defender’s head, though, and Johnson gives it a bit of an Odell Beckham Jr. treatment by snaring it with his outstretched right hand. He taps his left foot in bounds to make it count, and he doesn’t lose control while getting knocked down.

So that’s great work all around, and Johnson’s probably going to wind up with Week 3’s best contender for the season-long honor. The overall leader, for my money, is still this grab by New Mexico State’s Jaleel Scott during a Week 1 visit to Arizona State: