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Florida came INCHES from scoring an actual offensive TD, but DISASTER STRUCK

Update: The Gators then won on a long Hail Mary, believe it or not.

Yeah, this was going to be ruled a fumble.

Through the better part of two games, the Florida Gators don’t have an offensive touchdown in 2017. Their defense has three. Because the end zone is actually lava to Florida offensive players, Tennessee forced a fumble just as UF’s Malik Davis was about to cross the goal line for the Gators’ first offensive score on Saturday.

There’s a literal force field that will forever prevent Florida’s offense from scoring touchdowns. There’s something scientific going on here. I’m sure of it. (And I reserve the right to edit this post in the perverse event that Florida somehow, someday scores an offensive touchdown. I’m just not sure that’s going to happen.)

(EDIT: Florida scored an offensive touchdown minutes later. Congrats to Florida.)

Anyway, the Davis play was ruled a touchback, keeping the score at 13-3. It was initially called a touchdown, but that decision was overturned on a video review. Florida fans will have to wait an undisclosed period of time to see their offense do something even mildly successful.