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San Diego State shocks Stanford after the lights literally go out at the stadium

What a great, silly game college football is.

1. No. 19 Stanford lost to San Diego State, 20-17 on Saturday.

It’s a pretty big upset, too. The Cardinal were 8.5-point favorites, and though they got drubbed pretty badly last week at USC, they’re still seen as a top team.

The Aztecs mounted an 11-play, 75-yard drive late in the fourth quarter, which finished up with an 8-yard touchdown throw from Christian Chapman to David Wells. Stanford then threw an interception on the ensuing drive.

2. Before that, the lights literally went out.

I love the #Pac12AfterDark Twitter thing as much as the next college football blogger. One of this sport’s great institutions is the act of sitting awake until 2 a.m. on the East Coast to watch beautiful, messy football on the opposite side of the continent.

We now have a new innovation: Pac-12 In The Dark:

That was the scene during Saturday’s Stanford-SDSU game at SDCCU Stadium, formerly Qualcomm Stadium, the old home of the then-San Diego Chargers.

The definition of #Pac12AfterDark:

The random and possibly scientifically valid correlation of Pac-12 games to a general atmosphere of chaos entirely independent of the execution of the game by the players and coaches.

This qualifies as that, too, because it’s clearly independent chaos.

Stanford had a 17-13 lead with 3:58 to play when the lights went out, but San Diego State had the ball and was driving with a shot to take the lead.

We’ve gotten a lot of weird stuff during late-shift Pac-12 games over the years. This probably isn’t a new thing, because it’s impossible that any weird thing could not have already happened in these games. But it’s new enough, and it’s definitely weird enough.

The lights came back on about 15 minutes after they went out, paving the way for the football game to continue.