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THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE, where Tennessee must replace Butch Jones with the coach from ‘Last Chance U’

In this weekly tour of the unhappiest parts of the college football internet, let’s visit six fan bases after Week 3.

After the first two weeks of this college football season, we took deep dives into the internet DEFCON situations among two fan bases: Texas A&M, after a 34-point lead became a loss at UCLA, and Ohio State after falling in grisly fashion to Oklahoma.

Those teams felt like obvious picks. Week 3 has a bevy of competitive candidates, so it’s a good time to spread some wealth. Let’s take a ride through some of the most extraordinary fan reactions from Saturday’s games.


Lost to Northern Illinois at home, the Huskers’ first loss ever to a MAC team, mere days after announcing an extension for head coach Mike Riley.

Larry the Cable Guy is fed up to the point that he’s suggesting Nebraska should shake things up with a new hire from the University of Nebraska .... Omaha.

There’s a lot more there by Larry.

Let’s hop to r/Huskers on Reddit.

One Redditor has an outside-the-box name for a new athletic director.

Thread: Les Miles for AD?

Les Miles and Mike Riley together sound like a hell of a combo. If Riley doesn't work out after another year or two, give Les the money and power to hire the best coach available at the time.


Miles’ son, Ben, is a fullback for Nebraska. Done deal. Put it on the board.

Nebraska opened as a 10-point favorite against Rutgers. Another Redditor asked:

What? Why?

The mood at the school’s Rivals message board was not happy.

Thread: At least we have volleyball

You don't see them losing to small directional state schools.

Perhaps the most morbid thing anyone said:

Thread: Internet, Cell Phones, Social Media and TV killed Nebraska

In the old days when Nebraska was great, there was no internet, cell phone and very few TV channels.

Today young kids can text beautiful photos of the beaches of Florida to communicating with other prospects via text to Facebook. In the old days they could not and they did not have the Elite 11 or travel.

My point is this. Nobody knew or could see how boring the state is and being in a state like Nebraska where your recruiting is 100 miles behind Florida or Texas your screwed. Nebraska's only chance to get to that Top 5 Level on a consistent basis is to land a Pete Carrol, Nick Saban, Urban Meyer or Jimbo Fisher type of coach. Technology killed the good old days.


Got obliterated at home against Clemson.

To the Scout message board, the Card March!

Thread: Maybe we should have stayed in the AAC.

There’s also a brief thread calling for Heisman-winning quarterback Lamar Jackson to get benched in favor of redshirt freshman Jawon Pass, who — to be fair — does have one of the best quarterback names of all-time.

At 247Sports, one fan called for former Bobby Petrino assistant Jeff Brohm — who’s coached all of three games at Purdue — to take Petrino’s place at the helm.

Thread: Ready for the 'Brohm Era'.

Thanks for the great memories BP. There were lots of them.


Lost at home to Purdue, 35-3. And just because Louisville fans have had enough Petrino doesn’t mean the shenanigan-hooked coach couldn’t land elsewhere.

To we go, where at least one fan wants Petrino to take over the head job for Barry Odom:

Thread: Tempt Bobby P. with money and hookers, motorcycles

Another suggestion: Louisiana Tech coach Skip Holtz, who previously went 16-21 at South Florida.

Thread: How about Skip Holtz as a replacement? Only 54, has a

winning record as a D1 HC, winning record in bowls, and has recruited the SEC states for 20 years.

The most upsetting thing is that this is one of the replies:

That’s actually a very good option. And one that isn't talked about. Nice work here.

These poor people.

Some just want the misery to end.

Thread: We might want to consider forfeiting the remaining games in

order to avoid more embarrassing blowouts


Completed a tour of nonconference losses that already included the FCS and Conference USA by losing at Duke. Matt Rhule’s now 0-3.

Let’s check in on the boards at BU fan site

Thread: Mike Singletary Would Have Been 3-0 Right Now

Thread: Rhule is in breach of the contract if this continues.

Surely his contract requires performance. A buyout or full buyout is in effect if it is the school (employer) that breaches the contract.

There is this addendum, sorting out some legalese:

Caveat I have not read the contract. But surely it seems basic principals apply to it, other wise it isn't a contract.

Also, someone’s worried that Baylor’s getting kicked out of the Big 12.

Thread: This is a 10-year minimum rebuild--Are we safe in the Big 12?

Hey all-

Let's be realistic here. We have ZERO depth and we will lose a lot of commitments with this horrible start. This "process" will take us until the mid to late 2020s to get close to decent.

How long will the big 12 put up with it? Admit it, we got very lucky to get in. We better be on the look out.

p.s. Anyone that does not think we got luck to get in the big 12 ask any other big 12 fan (not a baylor fan).

I sure wish I was wrong.


Lost at Mississippi State by 30 whole points.

Let’s start in head coach Ed Orgeron’s Twitter mentions, where — as the game was still going on — numerous fans urged him to Get Control of His Team.

LSU never got control of the game itself. Afterward, many offered potential solutions.

Now let’s sojourn at, where the usual NFL coaches were in demand as possibilities to replace Orgeron.

Thread: Chip Kelly

Thread: Should LSU go after Sean Payton if he gets canned by saints?

Would be a smooth transition.

Some of the posters just wanted their fellow posters to chill out.

Thread: You people need to go have sex or something

I mean, assuming you have the wherewithal to make it happen.

It's one fricking football game. You're still alive. Presumably you have a wife and kids. North Korea didn't nuke us. Your mom didn't get bent over by her pool boy. Get over it.

Thread: Ban me if you want

I'm sick of all you crying arse pussies. You wanted les fired you got your wish wanted O got your wish. Lose one game due to key injuries u want his head fire him. You bitches cried cause les would interfere change play calls. O let's his coaches coach. You bitch bout that he just stands on sidelines. Yall bitches are pathetic mother frickers. You are no true fans.

It’s good to see the community sticking together after a tough loss.

Was there also someone floating Lane Kiffin, who nearly joined up as Orgeron’s offensive coordinator this season, to replace the man in charge?

You know there was:

Thread: Stars are aligning for Kiffin to become LSU HC in 2019

It's happening. I can feel it.


Lost at Florida on a devastating Hail Mary that wasn’t properly covered.

Regarding Tennessee’s idea of goal-line offense, here’s a really fair question:

Let’s go to

Is there a plot to temporarily reinstall former UT head coach Phillip Fulmer?

Thread: Think about this

Currie brings back Fulmer during the off season in a "admin" support role

What if Currie brought Fulmer in just in case Jones tanked this season and he would be forced to make a move

Then, he can slide Fulmer in as an interim, with the understanding that it would be temporary.

Currie gets to bring in his own guy

Seems far fetched, I know, but it could be possible. You maintain some stability and Fulmer could sure hold together the recruiting class

Could Tennessee fire Butch Jones and replace him with the guy from Last Chance U?

Thread: Great idea for replacing Butch

I know many of you are huge fans of Netflix. Have you ever heard of Last Chance U? Let's get currie to take a shot on buddy Stephens. If you may not know buddy is one of the best coaches in the JUCO ranks. Sounds crazy right? But so crazy it might just work.

Is this all the fault of Buffalo Bills QB Nathan Peterman, a Tennessee transfer who played the latter years of his college career at Pitt?

Thread: I blame this loss on Peterman...

He played so sh*tty in his two chances at QB that Dobbs never got the redshirt that the coaches wanted. Otherwise, #11 would have been behind center yesterday.

For at least a year or two now, this should’ve already been the term for frittering away a game late:

Thread: No longer Clemsoning.

The new term is Tennesseeing. We Tennesseed that game away.

Have multiple people changed their Twitter names to “Fire Butch,” or used “Butch” and actual fire emojis to convey their desire to Fire Butch?

They were calling for Jones’ firing all throughout a Week 1 win over Georgia Tech, so you know they have:

Zoom in on the inset on the left on this one:

Hey there, Dan Mullen.