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Ohio safety Javon Hagan keeps stealing opponents’ towels from their pants

It’s important to have hobbies.

During Ohio’s game against Kansas in Week 3, there was a pretty hilarious moment at the end of a play. When it was blown dead, Ohio safety Javon Hagan straight up stole Kansas receiver Quan Hampton’s towel from the back of his pants. The best part — we know this because Hagan outed himself by posting a video of it on his Twitter account.

First off, it is impressive that he was able to pull this off without Hampton noticing, but even funnier that Hagan is owning doing what he did instead of trying to be secretive about it.

This story doesn’t stop here, though. Hagan is actually a repeat offender towel thief. Look at him go during Ohio’s game against Troy in 2016, when he was wearing No. 7:

Aaaaand apparently he took former Western Michigan wide receiver Corey Davis’ towel last season.

Thank you, Hagan, for establishing yourself as a pretty accomplished towel thief, and we value your honestly in the process, too. Hopefully we get to see some more stealth towel-stealin’ this season.