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This new PlayStation commercial sure does have a lot of college football stuff in it

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Don’t assume a college football video game series is returning, but Sony does tease one here, whether intentionally or not.

Here’s an ad by Sony, which began airing during college football’s opening weekend, in which two superstar college football head coaches and three NFL players who were recent stars at major college programs talk about bringing back greatness. Since it’s branded as a PlayStation ad, it’s got college football fans on red alert.

EA Sports’ NCAA Football series went away four years ago amid the NCAA’s court battles over player likenesses. Without a way to compensate players for appearing in the game, EA couldn’t risk further litigation, so the series halted.

Since then, fans have taken up a handful of grassroots efforts to keep college football games going, including crowdfunding ventures and modding NCAA into eternity.

Everything in this new ad can be taken one of two ways:

  • Two star college head coaches, Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh!! Yeah, and they’re also just famous sports people.
  • Three former elite-level college superstars, Deshaun Watson and Derrick Henry and Joey Bosa!!! Yeah, and they’re also in the NFL now.
  • Those aren’t the first NFL players you’d choose if you weren’t trying to make college fans wonder about whether you’re bringing back CFB video games, though, especially since Meyer and Harbaugh are there!!!! That part is true.
  • MEYER’S EVEN WEARING AN OHIO STATE LOGO! THAT MEANS SOMEBODY PAID OHIO STATE MONEY! NOW THEY CAN PUT OHIO STATE’S LOGO IN A NEW GAME! There’s no news of a new college football video game, but this part is interesting.
  • Lots of quotes about “living up to expectations and setting new ones” and “coming back even stronger” and “taking fate into your own hands,” which are the things a new college football video game by someone besides EA Sports would have to do!!!!!!! Those are also just sports-y quotes that could apply to being good at video games.

The thirst for a new college football video game is overwhelming, so this all can’t have been an accident by Sony. If no game is coming, Sony still had to know it’d get fans worked up real good. Since there’s been no news of a CFB video game in the works, for now, we should assume this ad is a well-designed tease. In 2016, EA Sports accidentally teased a new college game on Facebook, then apologized for getting hopes our up.

I’ve reached out to PlayStation reps about the new ad and will update if I hear back.