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Look at this pinballing interception Illinois threw off of a player’s helmet

The Illini won, but they didn’t make it easy on themselves.

We’d like to congratulate Illinois. The Illini snatched victory from the jaws of defeat (beating Ball State, 24-21) by recovering from this potentially back-breaking and pinballing interception.

It is among the more bizarre picks in recent memory, a double tip-drill off the head of an oblivious wide receiver. This was late in the game, and with Illinois down five, and it could have been a back-breaker. But the Illini got a stop and then sprung a huge punt return to get into business. They’d score and add a two-point conversion to get to 24.

Someone needs to call David Tyree to teach that young man how to haul in a catch off the head. It’s no Super Bowl grab, that’s for sure.

The adage goes “if it hits you in the hands, you’re supposed to catch it.” They never said anything about the head. In the end, the Illini would win the game with special teams.

This 54-yard Morgan Hagee field goal attempt never had a chance.