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Alabama’s so loaded, its 1,000-yard running back just blocked a damn punt

Everyone on the Tide is good at just about everything.

Late in the third quarter against Florida State, Alabama got a nice momentum boost when Damien Harris surged in and blocked a punt, setting up a chip shot field goal to make it 13-7, Tide.

Wait, that Damien Harris? The guy who ran for 1,037 yards last year? The former five-star running back? One of the guys who carries the ball a lot and is therefore the kind of player most teams would want to keep from doing stuff like this?

Yeah, that Damien Harris.

Harris followed it up one drive later by also running in the touchdown that sealed it up. It ended at 24-7.

Another hilarious thing about this: FSU was flagged for having too many men in the backfield.

So let’s recap:

  • One of the most talented teams in the country had too many players protecting the punter, and the other team still shot one of its several star running backs through to block the punt.
  • He was on punt block team because Bama’s got like 38 five-star backs, including Bo Scarbrough, the star of last year’s Playoff. If Harris gets worn out on special teams, that’s no problem at all for Bama.
  • Oh, and the dude who recovered the ball is five-star linebacker Dylan Moses, who was offered by LSU and Texas in middle school.

Alabama-Florida State is about as ridiculous as college football can possibly get.