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Middle Tennessee set off fireworks and sirens ... for an incomplete pass

Stadium staff thought MTSU had a TD. It did not, and Vandy won 28-6.

Middle Tennessee had a rough night against Vanderbilt on Saturday. A minor bright spot appeared to come in the final minute, when MTSU, trailing by 22, threw a touchdown to the back corner of the Vandy end zone. Except, it didn’t, because the receiver lost the ball at the end of the play. But watch this until the end:

The Blue Raiders’ stadium operations crew thought the touchdown was good. They set off an in-stadium siren and launched some fireworks, while receiver Ty Lee — who definitely did not catch a touchdown — jogged back to the huddle.

Vanderbilt went on to win, 28-6. The Blue Raiders never punched in that last-minute touchdown their crew thought they’d scored. The Commodores avoided a road upset that some stupid college football writers (read: this one) thought they’d be doomed to. It’s a good way to start the year for Derek Mason and company.