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PODCAST AIN’T PLAYED NOBODY: We can’t get enough of Jeff Brohm’s sweet, sexy tactics

And even robots rant via text after dumb games.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Overachievers, assy Missouri performances, and the Anxiety bowl, sandwiched by NMSU talk? IT MUST BE YOUR MIDWEEK PAPN.


  • New Mexico State is going to a bowl this year, by God
  • Mississippi State and what charting teaches you
  • This week's PAPN Jinx™: Georgia
  • 2017 overachievers — Oregon, Air Force, and a certain team from West Lafayette
  • Purdue and Jeff Brohm's sweet, sexy tactics
  • Missouri, pathetic Missouri performances, leaving in the first half, how much has changed since 2014, and ASS WATCH 2017
  • Good defensive games are boring (and not as fast as they should be — THE GAMES ARE TOO DAMN LONG)
  • Saturday morning Anxiety Bowl and Hogville Armageddon
  • How do FSU and Miami play after a long break (against teams that haven't had breaks)?
  • Please, sports god, give us either Oklahoma State or Penn State in the CFP
  • Commending Bob Shoop for actually explaining something in detail
  • Just eliminate kickoffs. It would be fine.
  • The BABIP of football
  • Alabama at NMSU: Make it happen.