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Temple’s fake field goal attempt against USF went horribly wrong

Not ideal!

During Thursday night’s game between the Temple Owls and the No. 21 USF Bulls, there was a pretty bad fake field goal attempt by the Owls in the first quarter. Temple lined up to try a 52-yard field goal but the holder, Owls quarterback Logan Marchi, caught the snap and took off to throw it — but the thing is it looked like he didn’t even have anyone to throw to.

Oh noooo

Marchi’s one receiver on the play, who came from the right side of the formation, turned to block a Bulls defender, leaving the Owls QB with no one to throw to. Marchi ended up being sacked by Devin Abraham for a loss of 19 yards to give USF the ball back.

Temple’s kicker made a 52-yard field goal last week against UMass, so the call for a fake field goal was a good one — but it clearly wasn’t executed well whatsoever, and it looked like everyone wasn’t on the same page.