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Boise State just got pounded at home in a way it hasn’t been in 16 years

Been awhile since the Broncos got blasted like this. Virginia came to play.

Virginia v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Boise State rarely loses at home. And even if the Broncos do get defeated on the blue turf. It’s never like this. Virginia came in and just dominated Boise State, winning 42-23. It was much worse before the Broncos added a safety and a late touchdown in the fourth quarter.

This game wasn’t supposed to be anything but a leisurely stroll once things got into the second half. Perhaps Boise would have some issues with the Cavs early on, but surely things would iron themselves out by the late third quarter. That’s not exactly what happened.

To put in perspective just how long it’s been since Boise’s stared down the barrel at a loss like this:

This loss snapped Boise State’s 32 game non conference home winning streak. Since 2011, only Alabama and Clemson have better home records, per ESPN.

Virginia QB Kurt Benkert dropped dimes like this pass to his wide receivers while the Hoos administered the beatdown.

And Virginia ran through Boise State nearly unimpeded.

A late Boise TD in the first half sent the score into halftime at 21-14, but this has been largely all Cavs.

Many of the Broncos’ biggest struggles stemmed from the fact that they are having trouble on third down as well as on the ground when they actually do try to run the ball. Albertson’s Stadium has been something of a fortress for the Broncos through the years. Tonight, not so much.

Soon after, it was over. Those fans that left early didn’t miss anything.

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