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This NC State-FSU play demanded the 'Yakety Sax' treatment

Watch one of the year’s most chaotic plays yet, set to a classic blooper-reel jingle.

There’s so, so much going on here.

Here’s the same play set to the only appropriate soundtrack, “Yakety Sax:”

Florida State quarterback James Blackman is playing the first game of his college career. Blackman took off running on this play, and he destroyed the soul of an NC State defender with one of the more nimble spin moves you’ll see all year.

But then disaster struck. Blackman coughed up the ball, and it squibbed all the way upfield, getting batted around by members of both teams. When the bodies settled on the ground, NC State’s Bradley Chubb — who forced the fumble about 20 yards earlier — recovered it inside his own 5. Officials reviewed the play to see if Blackman was down before fumbling, but they ruled it a fumble in the end.

Saturday’s young, and college football’s a silly sport. Mere weeks ago, it gave us an 87-yard fumble that set up a third-and-93.

Is this that? No. But it’s close, and it’ll at least be a nominee for Most Bananas Play of the Season, when we all dole out our personal CFB awards later this year.