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Maryland fan smashes beer can on her face, then drains it


This happened at the University of Maryland, apparently on Saturday:

A few things about this are noteworthy:

  • The form here is superb. I don’t endorse or not endorse anything that’s going on in the video, but if you’re going to catch a beer and then smash it off your forehead and chug it in one fluid motion as it fizzes everywhere, that’s the way to do it.
  • But maybe I’m not the one to judge. The reason? I went to Maryland, and we don’t really do this. Definitely not before football games, anyway, where our tailgating scene has often been kind of muted and boring over a long stretch of mediocre football seasons. In my four years at the school (ended in May 2016), I never saw a smash-and-chug like this. Maybe I just wasn’t social enough. Do not laugh at me if you went to an SEC school or, like, Wisconsin.
  • Also, there’s this guy, a great co-star:

Maryland’s playing UCF on Saturday (3 p.m. ET, FS1). We don’t usually get this excited about playing Ohio State, so I am now declaring football BACK in College Park.

This is the day Maryland became a Big Ten school.