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Watch this squirrel sprint for a long touchdown as the announcers and Louisville's crowd cheer it on

The little animal finally found pay dirt.

Hello. There is a SQUIRREL ON THE FIELD.

My favorite part is the squirrel slowly but surely working its way to the end zone, as players from Kent State and Louisville watch their furry little friend close in on the goal line. I also enjoy that the FOX broadcast truck decides to follow him with a field-level camera while the play-by-play man, Wes Durham, calls the squirrel’s run like the squirrel is a real player dicing up a defense. I especially enjoy that the Louisville home crowd seems really engrossed in the whole thing, too.

An animal roaming free in the stadium is one of those sports things that is always, always good, unless it’s, like, a bull running free in a rodeo and goring someone in the crowd. This squirrel isn’t hurting anyone, just like the foxes that have roamed Big 12 stadiums this year have (as far as we know) only been adorable.

Squirrels: very good.